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Ready to test your memory skills and have fun at the same time? The Memory Match Art Shots and Memory Match Art works games are designed to challenge your brain and improve your memory retention in a fun and engaging way. 

I purchased a high definition Nikon slide/negative scanner years ago and spent a winter scanning and organizing my thousands of slides and negatives. My main focus was printing and framing my photographs to exhibit. But with the availability of incredible new services like The Game Crafter I’m now also able to design, create and distribute games based on my photographs.

Each Memory Match game includes 2 collections of 36 tiles of 18 sets and the collections can be played separately or together.

Each tile is 2.5″ X 2.5″. The goal is to collect two tiles to make a set. When playing with friends and family each player tries to collect the most sets. I’m sure you already know how to play, but instruction booklet is also included! 

Enjoy this fun, educational game while improving your memory skills!


Read all about the game and get your copy today and start matching your way to a better memory!

Learn more about the games on the KeithKunst Games web site: Art Shots and Art Works

You can purchase a copy of Art Shots from The Game Crafter.

You can purchase a copy of Art Works from The Game Crafter.