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creation requires an essential tension
between the light and dark
between what’s in focus and what’s not
between being in motion and standing still
between borders and the essentially boundless

Welcome to my expression of this essential tension using the mediums of photography, illustration, and graphic design. A childhood spent overseas and a continuing wanderlust led me to the name, KeithKunst. This is also the home of Travel Light Photography – a place to exhibit and express, through photography, my fascination with and joy of traveling.

You’ll find collections of images from my childhood (“Long Ago”) to more current work including both digital and traditional mediums. I’m always looking for the time to practice, to refine, to grow, to develop my own style.

Graphic Arts
I’m not sure I have an identifiable design aesthetic. Some of what I do is inspired, some miscellaneous, some serve a client, a brand, or work as a user interface or user experience element

Now, a professional photographer would not think that roughly 8,000 slides, over 1,300 negatives, and uncounted digital photos was a lot, but when I need to sort through them and find those that I consider “show worthy,” well, it’s a lot

Graphic Arts, Photography & Illustration

Photography, Illustration & Graphic Design

ApplicationsGraphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate App, OmniGraffle, Web Design, App Design, Game DesignMediumsTraditional and Digital Photography, Sketch Illustrations, Digital Art, CollageShare