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I am passionate about the quality of the work I put out in the world. I am a designer and developer with a wide breadth and depth of skills who enjoys keeping current with new technologies and design trends. I thrive in an environment where I can work with creative people.

As the founder of a sole proprietorship, One Bad Ant, I, by necessity and because I enjoy all aspects of the application development lifecycle wear many hats. I work with small companies, individual artists and business owners as well as large organizations with multi-million dollar annual budgets.

I am an expert web designer and developer with skills in HTML5, CSS, Javascript, XML and PHP. I have broad experience in developing websites in a variety of content management systems, including Joomla, Commonspot, Drupal, and WordPress. I am passionate about UI/UX and focus on mobile-first responsive design and accessibility.

I am an accomplished business and systems analyst, UI/UX designer and developer and I support the full lifecycle of software development, including troubleshooting, testing, debugging, product launch, documentation and support.

My passion for developing games and apps began in 2009 when I taught myself Objective C and began developing apps exclusively for iOS using Xcode and Objective C. I then transitioned to Solar2d (formerly Corona SDK) for its ability to develop native cross-platform apps from a single code base. I’m currently using Unity and C# to develop apps including my The Art of Recall app, which can be found on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Keith M Kubarek's One Bad Ant Portfolio

Mobile & Internet Solutions

LanguagesPHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, VBScript, Ajax / REST, Coldfusion, SQL, C#, LUA, Objective CContent Management SystemsJoomla, Commonspot, Drupal, WordpressArt & DesignGraphic Design, Photoshop, Photography, 2D animation, UI / UX, Boxy SVGDatabase DevelopmentRelational Databases, SQL, MS Access, MySQL, SQLiteGame Design & DevelopmentTiled, 2D animation, Audio editing and integration, Solar2d (Corona SDK), Unity, XCode, Visual Studio, App Stores managementAnalysis & CommunicationSoftware troubleshooting, Project Management, Systems Integration, Business Analysis, Systems Analysis, User & System Documentation, Application flowcharting, Entity Relationship Diagram, Zoom, Skype, email, Slack, Dropbox, Github, Google Drive, Jira, App Stores managementShare